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How are the Funds Distributed?

Funds raised by the PTC are distributed according to a board approved budget.  Budget proposals and approvals occur during PTC meetings.  All parents, teachers, and school community members are welcome to attend PTC meetings, although only registered members may vote at meetings.  Registering for membership easy and free, and can be done on the volunteer page of this website.    


The PTC works closely with the school administration and teachers to establish needs that the budget can help make possible.  Budget items include programs and events that PTC makes possible every year, as well as items that are specific needs of a particular year.  

Promoting Positive School Culture & Building Character

The Newcastle Elementary School Administration and Teachers rely on PTC funds to bring professionally presented result-based assemblies to Newcastle School that broach topics such as bullying, kindness, building empathy - igniting respect, disability awareness,  social media safety, and many more. School administrators and staff decide which assemblies will be most beneficial, and PTC provides funding.

Some assemblies that NECS students have enjoyed over the past couple of years have been:

Other Enrichment Assemblies & Field Trips
Classroom & Campus Equipment

Based on teacher and staff requests, the PTC funds equipment and items used in classrooms and campus improvement.

Examples of such items that have been funded or are budgeted:

  • Lower Campus Playground Climbing Structure- bought solely by PTC

  • Lego Robotics STEM kits

  • Digital Marquis Signs

  • Microphones for the Music Program

  • Microscopes

  • 3D - Pens for Maker Space Lab

  • Head Phones

  • Art Supplies

  • Clay and Kiln supplies for Katri Uno Art Dociant

  • Individual Student White Boards

  • Books for in-classroom libraries​

Direct Money to Classrooms at the Beginning of the School Year

At the beginning of each school year PTC provides funds to each teacher to help cover costs that aren’t included in the school budget.


Funds are held by the Newcastle School District and available to each teacher for their needs related to enhancing the learning experience of their students in the classroom.

Social Events 

The PTC funds many of the social events that have become Newcastle School traditions.  This includes Family Movie Knights, Knight in the Country Fall Festival,  End of Year BBQ, and the  8th Grade Dance and graduation, and so much more.  These events enrich the NECS community!  

For more information on these events, please visit our EVENTS page. 

Teacher Appreciation & Hospitality

The PTC Hospitality Committee goes the extra mile to make guests welcome, provide snacks for volunteers, and let our teachers know we appreciate them!

From the very first day of school to the last PTC Hospitality in on it!

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